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Choosing the right Adaptation

As a starting point, we would encourage you to download and complete a Customer Requirements Compatibility Checklist to assist you in considering what to be thinking about whilst looking at adaptations or a new vehicle.

You may also want to consider a driving assessment, driving lesson or product demonstration.

If you would like to discuss your options, please call our experienced customer service team for advice.

Compatibility Checklist

How to order an Adaptation

All our adaptations are available throughout the UK through our dedicated network of trained installers. In order to make the process of installing adaptations easier, the vast majority of installers can fit our products on-site at a dealership or home address.

If you are within a 60 mile radius of our workshop we are able to come to you. This is not definitive, and we often travel further to ensure you receive our excellent mobile installation service. We cover areas of North Wales, Cheshire, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire, Cumbria, Yorkshire, Derbyshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire.

The order process differs depending on whether you are adapting a privately owned vehicle or Motability Scheme lease vehicle.

Private Vehicles

Private Vehicles

Our adaptations can be installed on new and used privately owned vehicles. To obtain a quotation and order an adaptation, the installation company should be contacted.

If you are within our area, please contact us to schedule the installation. If you are outside of our area, you can still have our adaptations installed on your vehicle. Please contact us to find out your local installer of our products.

We guarantee same day dispatch for adaptation orders received before 12.00pm, offering you the best possible service throughout our installer network.

For more information about purchasing a new car VAT Free, please see the detailed section below.

Motability Scheme Vehicles

When ordering adaptations to be fitted on a Motability vehicle, the order must be placed through the Motability system by the dealership so any offered subsidy is applied and the vehicle insurance is correct.

During the order process, the preferred installer will need to be requested. If you are within our area, please select ‘Jeff Gosling Hand Controls’ as the preferred installer. If you are out of our area, please contact us to find out your local installer of our products.

If the salesperson at the dealership needs any assistance when processing the Motability order, our product naming list may be helpful or they can contact us and we will be happy to talk them through selecting the correct adaptations.

For more information about Motability and whether you are eligible for a Motability vehicle, please see below or visit their website,

What do adaptations cost?

What do the Adaptations Cost?

Jeff Gosling adaptations are available to Motability customers when ordered through the Motability Operations scheme. Many products are heavily subsidised by Motability but may require a customer contribution whereas other products may require full payment by the customer. If you have an amount to pay for your adaptations, you may be able to apply for funding via a grant from the Motability Foundation.

To automatically receive any subsidy offered by Motability, the adaptations must be ordered and installed before you take delivery of the vehicle. If adaptations need installing during your Motability lease due to a change in circumstances, we advise that you contact Motability to discuss the options available.

Adaptations installed on non-Motability vehicles will need to be paid for in full. You may be able to receive funding to assist with these costs if required. All our adaptations are invoiced at 0% VAT if we are invoicing the disabled customer directly.


Access to Work Grants

Access to Work

If your health or disability affects the way you do your job, Access to Work may be able to help with extra costs which may arise because of your needs (e.g. adapting a vehicle you use to get to/from work).

You may be able to get financial help from Access to Work if you are: in a paid job, unemployed and about to start work, or self-employed.

Motability Scheme-Related Grant Programme Motability Foundation

Motability Scheme-Related Grant Programme

If you are getting a Motability Scheme lease vehicle, many adaptations are subsidised as standard. If you need further financial support towards your contribution for the vehicle or adaptations, Motability offer a Scheme-Related Grant Programme providing additional financial support to people who are using the Motability Scheme.

Access to Mobility Grant Programme

Motability also have a grant programme available providing financial support towards mobility support outside of the Motability Scheme.

Support from charities

Support from Charities

You may be able to approach a national or local charity to help with payment for adaptations. Details for national and local charities can be found in local telephone directories or through the internet.

VAT free vehicles

VAT free vehicles

Some people with disabilities are eligible to purchase an adapted vehicle with zero-rated VAT. There is a limit of one VAT exempt vehicle purchase for an eligible individual every 3 years.

These regulations are governed by VAT Notice 1615 and the guidance sheet is available on the website here.

For guidance on eligibility and invoicing for VAT free vehicles, please download our guidance sheet.

Driving Assessments

Driving Mobility is a network of independent organisations who offer information, advice and assessments to individuals who have a medical condition or are recovering from an accident or injury which may affect their ability to drive, access or egress a motor vehicle.

If you are unsure of the correct adaptations to assist you with driving, a driving assessment may be the solution. To find out where your local centre is, and more about the services they offer, visit

You can also find out more about the process of having an assessment by reading our informative interview with staff from an assessment centre.

Driving Motability
Driving Motability

Product Demonstrations and Events

Many of the adaptation installation companies based around the UK have their own demonstration vehicles or demonstration facilities. If you would like to discuss a product demonstration with your local installer, please contact us for their details.

Motability host annual events throughout the UK. The dates for 2024 can be seen below.

Events Table

These events showcase vehicles available for order, vehicle adaptations, and powered wheelchairs & mobility scooters. The events also provide opportunity for you to be able to test drive adapted vehicles.

These events are free and you do not need to register for a ticket. For full details of the events, please visit

These events are managed by a third party and so we cannot be held responsible for any changes to these event details.

Driving Lessons

Driving lessons in adapted vehicles are available either for learning to drive to pass a driving test, or for drivers new to adaptations who would like some introductory lessons.

Your local adaptation installer may know of driving instructors in your area or there is a searchable register of instructors available from the Association of Disability Driving Instructors.

The Association of Disability Driving Instructors is an independent, not for profit Community Interest Company. They have a register of specialist driving instructors who have adapted vehicles and can offer driving lessons and familiarisation training using a variety of driving adaptations.

To find out where your local disability driving instructor is and more about the Association visit

Driving Lessons
Driving Licence Codes

Driving Licence Codes

The codes printed on the back of your driving licence tell you what conditions you must meet to drive. If you are unsure about the codes on your licence, you should speak with the DVLA or a Driving Assessment Centre who will be able to advise. You can also visit the website to find the most up-to-date list of codes.