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General FAQs

Q: Do I need to take another driving test before driving with adaptations?

A: No, if your doctor has said that they consider it is safe for you to drive you do not need to pass your test again. However, if you have never driven with an adaptation before, we do recommend taking driving lessons or going for a driving assessment.

Q: Do I need to tell my insurers or the DVLA about my adaptations?

A: Yes you should tell your insurers, although your premium should not be affected. You should also advise the DVLA.

Q: Can I get financial help with the cost of adaptations?

A: If you are ordering your adaptation on a new Motability vehicle, funding is often applied as standard to reduce the customer contribution or you can apply for a Motability grant. If you already own your vehicle, or you are getting a new retail vehicle, please visit the funding section of our website or contact us for information. Current guide prices can be found on our website or please contact us to discuss costs further.

Q: What happens to the adaptations when I change my vehicle?

A: If you are a Motability customer there is no need for you to have the adaptations removed. If you are not a Motability customer and would like your adaptations removing, please contact your local installer for a quotation. For your safety we do not reuse any parts from driving adaptations that have already been fitted. It usually takes less than an hour to reinstate a vehicle. Note, new plastics or a pedal may be required.

Q: What if something goes wrong with my adaptations?

A: It is quite rare for anything to go wrong, however all Jeff Gosling Hand Controls Ltd adaptations carry a full 3 year parts and labour warranty. We recommend that you contact your installer if you have any concerns about your adaptations.

Q: Can I transfer my hand controls or left foot accelerator to my new car?

A: Our hand controls and left foot accelerators are designed specifically for each make/model of vehicle. For your safety, we do not consent to the transfer of primary driving adaptations. (ie. any adaptations linked to the brake and/or accelerator). Transfer of primary adaptations is not permitted on Motability vehicles.

Q: Who can install my adaptations?

A: For your safety and that of other road users, we only supply most adaptations through our fully trained network of installers who carry relevant public liability insurance. We have a network of more than 70 fully trained installers throughout the UK. We do supply some of the smaller, secondary control adaptations for customers to fit themselves and these can be purchased on our online shop. However, if you are a Motability customer your adaptations will have been fitted prior to handover of your vehicle. For details of your nearest installer contact us on 0161 430 2151.

Q: Where will my adaptations be fitted?

A: If you are having a new Motability vehicle, the adaptations must be installed before handover. Many installers work on a mobile basis so will visit the dealership, or your home address if you already have your vehicle, to carry out the installation. Please check with the installer of your adaptations as some adaptations may require workshop facilities.

If you have any further questions please contact us on 0161 430 2151, or email or via our social media sites