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BMW 1 Series

New Design: BMW 1 Series

With the third generation released at the tail end of 2019, the new BMW 1 Series has made the switch from rear to front-wheel drive. As a result, the interior space is not eaten into, and it has had to sacrifice less in terms of weight. On top of that, the consensus seems to be that the handling has not suffered, which implies this is shaping up to be a very promising new generation for the 1 Series. Our push/pull brake/accelerator hand controls, electric left foot accelerator and transfer plates are now available for order and installation by us or through any of the installers in our network.

Adaptation Details:

Hand Controls: Available now
Indicators: No solution currently available
Left Foot Accelerator: Available now (Electric)
Transfer Plate: Available now
Hinged Accelerator: Not possible

BMW 1 Series hand controls