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Mitsubishi ASX

New Design: Mitsubishi ASX

Currently on the fourth facelift of its current generation, the Mitsubishi ASX has been iterated upon a lot since the third generation came out in 2010. These facelifts were not minor either - in the most recent update: the front bodywork, LED front and rear lights, a new infotainment system and an entirely new engine are just a few of the improvements. The Mitsubishi ASX is one of the many vehicles that we have recently added to our list of complete Transfer Plates - if you’re interested in this product then please do get in touch on 0161 430 2151.

Adaptation Details:

Hand Controls: Available now
Indicators: Non-multiplex
Left Foot Accelerator: Available now (Twin Folding)
Transfer Plate: Available now
Hinged Accelerator: Available now

Mitsubishi ASX Transfer Plate