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VW Arteon

New Design: VW Arteon

The Arteon is a large family car that was launched by Volkswagen in 2017. Although available in multiple body styles and engines, it has taken us a short while to see one for design as it competes against the popular SUV style of vehicle.

We have now completed the push/pull brake/accelerator hand control design which is also available with the commonly used optional extras: indicator switch, steering aid and hinged accelerator pedal.

To arrange install of any of our products for this model of vehicle, please contact us.

Adaptation Details:

Hand Controls: Available now
Indicator Switch: Available now (Multiplex)
Left Foot Accelerator: To be designed
Transfer Plate: To be designed
Hinged Accelerator Pedal: Available now
Gearshift Easy Release: To be designed
All details correct at time of publishing.

VW Arteon Hand Control