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Ancillary Products

Stalk Crossover Arm

Designed to transfer the operation of the vehicle’s indicator stalk from the left-hand side to the right-hand side.

Stalk Crossover Arm operation


An extension bar is fixed to the existing indicator stalk and then runs behind the steering wheel to the right-hand side. The indicator stalk can be operated using the right hand on the extended bar.

Stalk Crossover Arm
Stalk Crossover Arm

Sill Protector

The sill protector is an ideal way to protect your vehicle sill quickly and easily without having to modify your vehicle or cover it with adhesive which is difficult to remove.

Stalk Crossover Arm
Sill protector
Stalk Crossover Arm operation


It can be used to protect the door sills when transferring into the vehicle from a wheelchair or to protect the bumper when loading in and out of the boot.

Panoramic Mirror

The panoramic mirror gives the driver a complete panoramic view of the rear and is ideal for people with limited head or neck movement, giving the driver an exaggerated, wide view of the rear of the vehicle.

Panoramic Mirror
panoramic mirror operation


The mirror simply clips over the existing rear-view mirror in the vehicle.

Pedal Extensions

Designed for drivers who are unable to reach or fully depress the pedals, this adaptation can add approximately 2 to 4 inches to the vehicle pedals. If you require shorter or longer pedal extensions, this may be possible with a bespoke design but this would need to be assessed by your installer.

Pedal Extensions

Extended Seat Runners

Designed to move the seat runners further back therefore providing more leg room for the driver or passenger. Each vehicle is assessed on an individual basis to determine how far back the seat can be moved but it is usually approximately 2 to 3 inches. Please note, the seat runners are repositioned and therefore however far back they are moved, you lose that distance from the forward movement.

Extended seat runners

Perspex Screens

These shields can be fitted to both the driver and passenger seats to prevent passengers in the back having easy access and reaching over to cause possible dangerous distractions. They can be particularly useful to provide protection to carers or family members who may be driving passengers with involuntary movements.

perspex car screen

Ancillary FAQs

Q: Can the handle of the gearshift easy release be adjusted to suit my needs?

A: The handle can be adjusted to suit your requirements however when the gearshift easy release is installed it is important that the handle doesn’t come into contact with the dash.

Q: Will the fitting of the gearshift easy release or handbrake easy release cause any damage to my vehicle?

A: Safety is our primary concern when we design adaptations, however we pay great attention to the integrity of the vehicle. Any clamping is carefully watched during installation so that damage is kept to a minimum, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result and minimum cost to reinstate the vehicle when the adaptations are removed.

Q: Will the foot operated parking brake interfere with the brake and accelerator?

A: No, the hand operated parking brake is fitted to a separate pedal to the brake or accelerator pedal and is usually fitted so that when the handbrake is off it is close to the dash.

Q: Is the boot strap fitted at one length or can it be adjusted to suit me?

A: There is some adjustment in the length of the bootstrap during installation. If you have a preferred length, or position, please discuss the options with your installer before the installation takes place.

Q: Where can the sill protector be fitted?

A: It can be fitted to the drivers or passenger side sill it helps keep the sill damage free when entering and exiting the vehicle. It can also be fitted to the boot sill, it is a great addition when loading a scooter or wheelchair into the back to the car.

We recommend the following products to compliment our ancillary adaptations.