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Boot Hoists

Boot Hoist

We install a range of boot hoists with a lifting capacity from 40Kg to 200Kg. They are operated via a remote control, powered by the vehicle battery. These boot hoists are commonly used to load either a manual wheelchair, powered wheelchair, or mobility scooter. It is important that you consider the compatibility of size of the boot opening with the mobility aid you are loading so please see below for further information.

Boot Hoist
Boot Hoist operation


The boot hoist attaches to the wheelchair/scooter via specifically installed lifting points. Using the remote control, the hoist arm lifts the wheelchair/scooter and moves it into the vehicle whilst being guided by the user. The wheelchair/scooter is then lowered onto the boot floor and stowed for the journey.

It increases independence by removing the requirement for somebody to physically lift the wheelchair/scooter into the vehicle and the operation can often be carried out by the wheelchair/scooter user themselves.

Hoist Types

apex assist Boot Hoist operation
100kg-150kg Apex Assist

The most compact design available providing maximum space possible for loading the wheelchair/scooter.

Boot Hoist operation
40kg-80kg Smartlifter LM

Available with either a fixed or folding arm. This hoist can be more suited to smaller vehicles with less room in the boot. The folding hoist is more complicated to operate and we therefore always recommend a demonstration of this hoist before you order.

Boot Hoist operation
80kg-100kg Smartlifter LC

The same operation, but a slimmer arm than on the SmartLifter LP, this hoist is often used on standard boot scooters.

Boot Hoist operation
150kg-200kg Smartlifter LP

The most heavy duty of the hoist range designed to lift heavier wheelchairs/scooters.

Boot Hoist internally

Vehicle and Wheelchair/Scooter Suitability

Your choice of hoist can be limited by the vehicle you choose. This can either be due to the weight limit in the vehicle or the size of the boot opening. Some vehicles are not suitable for any hoist. Therefore, it is important to measure your vehicle to make sure that your wheelchair/scooter will fit, and to ensure that you choose a hoist with the right capacity to lift your wheelchair/scooter.

It may be that you can fold, adjust or remove parts from your wheelchair/scooter to reduce the size to allow it to be loaded into a vehicle. You may also be able to fold down rear seats in the vehicle to create a larger boot area to accommodate your wheelchair/scooter.

We hold a comprehensive database of vehicle and wheelchair/scooter dimensions and can assist you in determining if a specific vehicle and wheelchair/scooter combination is suitable for a hoist.

Please download our Boot Hoist Guide for initial guidance and contact your installer with the make/model of your wheelchair/scooter and vehicle before ordering so they can carry out a compatibility assessment.

Boot Hoist FAQs

Q: Can I remove the battery from my wheelchair/scooter?

A: This depends on where we need to fit the bracket to lift the wheelchair/scooter. On some wheelchairs/scooters, once the bracket is fitted there is not enough room to remove the battery and therefore the battery must be charged whilst still on the wheelchair/scooter. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to remove the battery unit after the lifting bracket is fitted.

Q: Can I use the parcel shelf once the hoist is fitted?

A: On almost all vehicles it is highly unlikely that you will be able to use the parcel shelf after the hoist has been fitted.

Q: Can I use the seventh seat once the hoist is fitted?

A: If you have a seven seat vehicle your seventh seat will be permanently unusable once the hoist is fitted. In some vehicles you may be able to make the seventh seat accessible by disassembling certain parts of the hoist but this cannot be guaranteed.

Q: Can I transfer my hoist when I change my vehicle?

A: A transfer is sometimes possible but it depends on many factors such as, how long you have had the hoist installed and the vehicle into which you are wanting to transfer. We can never guarantee a transfer so please check with us on an individual basis.

Q: Can I load more than one item with my hoist?

A: The price of the hoist includes the lifting of one wheelchair /scooter. It may be possible to also lift a second wheelchair/scooter but there will be an additional cost. It is not always possible to load a second item once the hoist is setup for the first wheelchair/scooter so please check with us on an individual basis.
“I picked up my car last night, and just wanted to say thank you for such a great service. Your communication was excellent, and the hoist has been fitted neat and tidy and does the job fantastically. Thank you once again and I will definitely be recommending your services to my friends.”
Mr Rush, Blackpool

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