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Hinged Accelerator Pedal

Hinged Accelerator Pedal

Designed to be used in conjunction with our hand controls, this adaptation eliminates the risk of the hand control user operating the accelerator pedal by mistake. It also provides additional space and a more comfortable driving position.

Hinged Pedal
Hinged Accelerator Pedal

A more comfortable driving position

The hand control mechanically replicates the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, therefore whilst driving with a hand control, it is important that nothing impedes the pedals full range of movement.

Keeping your feet away from the pedals can cause the driver to sit in an unnatural driving position, also putting your knee closer to the hand control handle.

The accelerator pedal can be hinged out of the way to free up space in the footwell. This additional room created means the space on the right of the brake pedal is similar to that on the left. This allows a driver to stretch out both legs to achieve a much more comfortable driving position and move the knees further away from the hand control.

A hinged accelerator pedal can also be beneficial if the driver thinks they may automatically go to press the accelerator pedal with their foot. If a driver has involuntary movements, a hinged accelerator pedal can be fitted alongside a brake only pedal guard.

*Please note, a hinged accelerator pedal is not possible on all vehicle models therefore if it is something you require, please contact us to check availability.

Seating Position without Hinged Accelerator Pedal

Trying to keep your feet clear of the pedals forces you into a unnatural driving position which can lead to discomfort.

Hinged Pedal operation 1

Seating Position with Hinged Accelerator Pedal

Increased space for your right leg allows you to adapt a safer, more comfortable driving position.

Hinged Pedal operation 2


Simply flip the accelerator pedal up or down, depending on whether the driver is using the hand controls or foot pedals.

Hinged Pedal operation 1
Pedal down
Hinged Pedal operation 2
Hinged Pedal operation 3
Pedal up
N.B.Hinged Accelerator Pedals are not possible in all vehicle models. To check availability, please contact your installer.

A demonstration of this product can be seen within the hand control product demonstration video.

You can download the information about our hinged accelerator pedal via our hand control product sheet.

Our latest pricing guide is available to download here:

“Very happy with the adaptation and so easy to adapt for able body person. It has given me my independence back.”
Miss McFadyen, Scotland

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