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Pedal Guards

Pedal Guard

Designed to be used in conjunction with our hand controls, this adaptation eliminates the risk of the hand control user operating the accelerator pedal by mistake.

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Pedal Guard

Standard Pedal Guard and Brake Only Pedal Guard

The hand control mechanically replicates the use of the brake and accelerator pedals, therefore whilst driving with a hand control, it is important that nothing impedes the pedals full range of movement.

The pedal guard is a detachable plate which sits in front of the brake and/or accelerator pedals and is easily removable.

As the plate sits in front of the pedals, it reduces the space within the footwell and therefore is an option generally only chosen for safety reasons when the driver is likely to interfere with the pedals through involuntary movement.

The pedal guard is available in standard (covers brake and accelerator pedals) or brake only (often used in conjunction with a hinged accelerator pedal.

The way the pedal guard is fitted to the vehicle, and exactly how it operates, will depend on the model of vehicle.

Hand Control operation

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