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Transfer Plate

Transfer Plate

Designed for drivers or passengers who find it difficult to access the driver or passenger front seats of their vehicle, this adaptation allows a smooth and safe transfer in to or out of the vehicle. The transfer plate is a seat which is attached to the vehicle using a quick release mechanism, to assist you when getting in to, or out of the driver or passenger seat.

Our transfer plate can be fully adjusted at installation to suit your requirements with height, reach and angle settings available. It has a 130Kg (max load) user rating and a removable seat on a quick release mechanism. The seat has a padded comfort seat cover to offer the user protection, whilst maintaining a smooth surface to enable easy transfer.

Transfer Plate
Transfer Plate in drop-down position


Transfer Plate operation
Transfer Plate operation

When entering the vehicle, the transfer plate is operated by taking the seat from your safe stowage space inside your vehicle then inserting it into the clasp at a 45-degree angle, and then lowering it down into the clasp.

Transfer Plate operation
Transfer Plate operation

The user will then transfer onto the transfer plate seat whilst taking a firm grip on a hard point within the vehicle. Once seated, the user will raise their legs into the footwell of the vehicle before moving from the transfer plate seat to the vehicle seat.

The transfer plate can then be removed from the clasp and stored safely within the vehicle.

When exiting the vehicle, the transfer plate is operated by removing the seat from your safe stowage area in the vehicle and inserting it into the clasp, in the same way as noted above. The user will then transfer from the vehicle seat on to the transfer plate seat, lower their legs down then transition from the transfer plate seat to their next position (stood up or into a wheelchair).

When the transfer plate seat is removed, there are no obstructions to the vehicle seat and it can be accessed and adjusted as usual. The remaining components are discreetly designed and are unobtrusive when not in use.

When the transfer plate seat is not in use, it is important that it is stored away safely so that it will not move under harsh braking or accelerating. Usually, customers who travel alone place the transfer plate in the passenger footwell so it is accessible to use. If this area is occupied or you are using a passenger side transfer plate, it will be best stored in the boot or behind the driver or passenger seat.

For a product demonstration, please watch our product demonstration video.

The information on our transfer plate is available to download on our product sheet:

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Our latest pricing guide is available to download here:

Transfer Plate FAQs

Q: Can I fully adjust the vehicle seat once the transfer plate is fitted?

A: Yes, when the transfer plate is installed it is fitted to the B-pillar of the vehicle not directly to the seat. Full front to back, height, backrest and (if applicable) rake adjustment is maintained on the cars seat.

Q: Is the transfer plate height adjustable?

A: Yes, there is a lot of adjustment in the transfer plate. It can be adjusted height (up/down), reach (fore/aft) and angle by the installer.

Q: Will the fitting of the transfer plate cause and damage to my vehicle?

A: Safety is our primary concern when we design adaptations, however we pay great attention to the integrity of the vehicle. Any cutting or drilling is kept to a minimum, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing result and minimum cost to reinstate the vehicle when adaptations are removed. As standard, there may be two small holes made in the b-pillar plastics during installation. If you are a Motability customer you will return the vehicle with the adaptations installed and therefore re-instatement of the vehicle will not be necessary.

Q: What if I am unsure if the transfer plate would suit my needs?

A: If you are new to adaptations and are thinking a transfer plate may help you, there are a few different options to assist you in ensuring you get the correct adaptations from a demonstration to a driving assessment. Please contact us for further information on demonstrations and assessments.

Q: Can transfer plates be fitted to any vehicle or is my choice limited?

A: The transfer plate can only be fitted on 5 door variants of most vehicle models. Please contact us or your installer directly to confirm availability for your preferred vehicle.

Q: Is the seat cushioned for comfort?

A: The seat is cushioned so that it is comfortable and durable. It provides the user protection whilst maintaining a smooth surface to enable easy transfer.
“The professionalism of your staff is commendable and suffice to say I shall have no hesitation in recommending your company to other disabled drivers.”
Mrs Lonsdale, Nelson

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