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Vehicle Boot Strap

Vehicle Boot Strap

Designed to assist with closing the tailgate.

Hinged Pedal
Boot strap with stow away magnet
Hinged Pedal operation


The strap is fixed at a convenient point on the inside of the tailgate. It is used to pull down the tailgate to a height where it can be reached and then stores away neatly using a magnet before closing.

  1. Pull strap until tailgate can be reached.
  2. Hold tailgate with one hand whilst attaching strap to magnet.
  3. Close boot by pushing tailgate.

The force of the boot closing will release the strap from the magnet so it can be reached when boot is next opened.

The height and weight of the tailgates can vary significantly between vehicle models therefore we recommend you check that you can operate the tailgate on any new vehicle you are looking to buy before ordering.

Many vehicles can now be ordered with the option of an electric tailgate. If you have difficulties in opening or closing the tailgate on a vehicle, we would recommend you look into the option of ordering a vehicle with an electric tailgate.

"Changed my lifestyle considerably. I now am not reliant on other people to get me out and about. Thank you.”
Peter Bennet, Oxfordshire

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