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Aixam Roadline | 2010-2014

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The Aixam Roadline is a Compact Quadricycle produced by French Microcar manufacturer Aixam.

For help identifying if the Aixam Roadline is the same model as your vehicle, please contact us.

Aixam Roadline 2010

Hand Controls

Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the foot pedals, our hand control allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator by hand using a push/pull single lever.

Hand controls are available for the Aixam Roadline and can be installed by your local installer.

If you need to find out where your nearest installer is, please contact us.

Aixam Roadline 2010 Hand Control

Left Foot Accelerators

Designed for drivers who are unable to operate the accelerator pedal with their right foot, our Left Foot Accelerator allows a driver to operate an accelerator pedal on the left of the brake pedal with their left foot.

A Left Foot Accelerator is not yet designed for the Aixam Roadline.

Please contact us us if you have this vehicle and you require a left foot accelerator installing.

Aixam Roadline 2010 Left Foot Accelerator

Transfer Plates

Designed for drivers or passengers who find it difficult to access the driver or passenger front seats of their vehicle, this adaptation allows a smooth and safe transfer in to or out of the vehicle.

Unfortunately a Transfer Plate is not possible for the Aixam Roadline.

Aixam Roadline 2010 Transfer Plate


Designed for drivers or passengers wanting to lift a wheelchair or scooter in and out of their vehicle. The hoist allows a quick and effortless transfer of a wheelchair or scooter into a vehicle in less than a minute.

A Hoist is currently unavailable for the Aixam Roadline. There may be plans to design a hoist or this vehicle may be unsuitable for a hoist.

Please contact us to find the best solution available.

Aixam Roadline 2010 Hoist

This information was correct at the time of publishing. New designs and vehicle variations are being completed all the time so the information on this page is always subject to change.