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Hand Controls

Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator

The number one choice for hand control users in the UK. Our market leading hand control is designed for drivers who are unable to operate the foot pedals. This adaptation allows a driver to operate the brake and accelerator by hand using a push/pull single lever.

“Fantastic team. I have been so impressed by the workmanship at Jeff Gosling Hand Controls towards my last install of hand controls”
Mrs Walker, Stoke
Hand Control
Push/Pull Brake/Accelerator
Hand Control operation


The hand control lever mechanically operates the vehicle pedals in an automatic vehicle to give you the same control as when driving with your feet.

Simply pull to accelerate and push to brake. Smooth acceleration is achieved by placing your thumb around the steering wheel and squeezing the handle with your fingers. To brake, simply push down on the handle using either the palm of the hand or fingertips.

Using high quality tubing, mirror-polished precision components and axial roller bearings, our hand controls offer the driver unrivalled smooth and responsive operation with almost no resistance. The result is a light hand control which replicates the true feeling of the pedals.

Every hand control installation also includes our pioneered, patented guard which is designed to protect the driver whilst maintaining aesthetics.

Integral Indicator Switch

Hand controls are available with an integral indicator switch in the handle. When driving with hand controls, your right hand will be operating the brake/accelerator lever. Your left hand will be required for steering, therefore you may find it difficult to operate the indicators with the vehicle’s standard indicator stalk.

NB. This is usually a requirement for drivers taking their driving test with hand controls.

Multiplex/Non-Multiplex Indicators?*

You may hear the term multiplex or non-multiplex indicators. This refers to the vehicle’s wiring system. The indicator switch in the hand control will look identical and function in exactly the same way however, the indicator switch is more complex to install on multiplex vehicles and therefore could be significantly more expensive.

Hi-Lo Beam Switches

Adding a hi-lo beam switch to your hand control is very often possible. Although not as commonly used as the indicator switch, for some customers having a hi-lo beam switch easily accessible from the hand control can be beneficial. This switch will mount on the hand control lever, at the bottom of the handle, to be operated by the little finger.

*Additional switches are not possible on all models of vehicle and can also vary in price significantly between models. To check availability, please contact your installer.

Integral Switch

As well as the indicator switch, the Hand Control comes with other optional extras which many drivers find beneficial. To find out more about the Steering Aids, Hinged Accelerator Pedal and Pedal Guards, please visit those product pages (links below).